Public Safety

Rob is a champion for our communities against crime. He has led an all-out assault against drunk driving and has fought to protect our families from sex offenders. Rob has served on the Virginia Crime Commission since 2003 and is currently chairman of the Criminal Laws Subcommittee in the House of Delegates. He has written new laws that:

• Mandate jail for drunks who drive with children in the car (SB 1019 Floor Amendment – 2003)robpublicsafety

• Crack down on repeat drunk- driving offenders and “super-drunk” drivers (HB 676 – 2004, HB 667 – 2004)

• Allow judges to require drunk drivers to repay the medical and funeral expenses of their victims (HB 2008 – 2003)

• Increase penalties for those who sexually abuse the mentally infirm or physically helpless and who secretly videotape children (HB 660 – 2004, HB 663 – 2004)

• Close loopholes that let child molesters avoid justice (HB 1333 – 2006)

• Stop physical violence against family members (HB 656 – 2004)

• Expand availability of protective orders (HB 2063 – 2011)

• Require life sentences for those who rape children (HB 973 – 2012)

• Apply truth in sentencing for child pornographers with multiple convictions (HB2269 – 2013)

• Increase penalties for those who place children into prostitution (HB2040 – 2015) and places those who purchase services from a child prostitute on the sex offender registry (HB235 – 2014)

Rob also supports screening for illegal drugs before a recipient can receive cash welfare benefits.  He thinks it’s a bad idea to give someone cash if they are addicted to heroin, meth, or crack cocaine.