Property Rights

In an extremely controversial 2005 decision, Kelo v. New London, the United States Supreme Court struck down protections that property owners had against eminent domain.

Since then, Rob has led the fight in Virginia to protect property rights. In 2007, along with then-Senator Ken Cuccinelli, Rob wroteProperty-Rights-Collage Virginia’s law to require that any taking of property be for actual public use, and that the government not be allowed to take any more property than necessary. After repeated efforts, in 2012, Rob co-authored the Constitutional Amendment to place these property rights protections into the Virginia Constitution. The measure passed the General Assembly and in the 2012 election, Virginians voted in favor of the Property Rights Amendment with over 74% of the vote.

Rob has been repeatedly recognized for his work:

  • Virginia Property Rights Coalition – 2008 “John C. Marshall Award”
  • Virginia Property Rights Coalition – 2007 “Deepest Gratitude for (HB 2954) to the people of Virginia”