Human Trafficking

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, human trafficking is the second fastest growing crime in the United States. Rob serves as vice chair of the Virginia State Crime Commission, and in 2018, the Commission studied what Virginia could do to combat this crime and produced a package of bills.

In 2019, Rob carried one of the bills, HB 2586, which will increase penalties on those who aid in the commission of child prostitution and allow them to be investigated by multi-jurisdictional grand juries. The bill will also ensure that offenders receive full punishment by allowing each act of sex trafficking to be charged as a separate offense.

In addition, Rob has patroned laws that:

  • Increase penalties for those who place children into prostitution (HB 2040 –2015)
  • Put offenders who hire child prostitutes on the sex offender registry (HB 235 –2014)
  • Allow grand juries in multiple jurisdictions to investigate the same human trafficking cases because such crimes often stretch across city and county lines (HB 1870 – 2013)