Better Schools



Rob and his wife Jessica live in Albemarle County. Their son Robbie attends VIA (the Virginia Institute for Autism) and their daughter Evie attends the local public school. Jessica is a former high school English teacher.


Rob supports educational excellence in public schools and giving parents choices. He has supported public charter schools, scholarships for disadvantaged children in underperforming schools, and he led the fight for the “Tebow Bill” that would give home schooled students additional options.

In addition, like any parents, the Bells understand the importance of student safety. In 2019, Rob worked with local school bus drivers to pass HB 2344, which will make it easier to prosecute drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses.

Rob has written new laws that:

• Ban criminal sex offenders from schools during school hours (HB 2344 – 2007)

• Require schools to establish bullying prevention programs (HB 2266 – 2005)

• Require schools to notify parents when a child is a victim of a crime at school (HB 2266 – 2005)

• Require additional background checks for school teachers (HB 1242 – 2008)

• Ban criminal sex offenders from school activities and school buses (HB 2066 – 2011)

• Address “cyberbullying” by treating threats sent by “texting” the same as threats made by phone (HB 2059 – 2011)